IMPRS monthly meeting

Title: Metamaterial platforms for nonlinear optics, imaging and biophotonic applications

Time and Place: Wednesday June 26th, 1:00 p.m.; Leuchs-Russell Auditorium, MPL

Speaker: Dr Andrea Di Falco (University of St Andrews)

Organisation: Cameron Okoth (Chekhova Research Group / MPL)


The current advances in photonics have given us ways to control and manipulate light virtually at will. We have learnt how to bend it, slow it down and even stop it, confine it in dimensions smaller that its wavelength and ultimately determine its path. This progress has been generated by enabling technologies, like that of photonic crystals and metamaterials, which allow the design of the properties of matter at the nanoscale.

In this talk I will present the portfolio of techniques developed at the University of St Andrews to fabricate synthetic optical materials and devices for biophotonics applications including nanoplasmonics SERS sensors, semiconductor nanolasers for intracellular diagnostic and flexible metamaterials for nonlinear optics, imaging and microfluidic applications

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