IMPRS monthly meeting

Title: Thermalization in quantum spin models: A semi-classical perspective

Time and Place: Thursday March 21st, 3:00 p.m.; MPL library (2nd floor)

Speaker: Johannes Schachenmayer (University of Strasbourg)

Organisation: Michael Reitz (MPL/Genes Research Group)

Abstract: Experimental setups with ultracold atoms, molecules or ions offer platforms for studying coherent non-equilibrium dynamics of long-range interacting quantum many-body spin-models in controlled environments. We developed a semi-classical technique for studying time-evolution in these models numerically. Here we show how many quantum aspects of such dynamics can be remarkably well captured with our semi-classical approach. We show how recently observed dynamics in an experimental setup with Chromium atoms trapped in an optical lattice can be described fully by the semi-classical approach.

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