IMPRS monthly meeting

Title: Real or Fabricated? Detecting Manipulations in Images and Videos

Time and Place: Thursday February 28th, 10 a.m.; blue building/sky scraper, 2nd floor, room 02.152 - 113

Speaker: Dr.-Ing. Christian Riess (IT Security Lab at FAU)

Organisation: Lina Felsner (FAU/Pattern Recognition Lab)

Abstract: Modern methods for image and video editing allow to create artificial visual content with comparably little effort. However, several stakeholders require to be able to ensure the authenticity of an image or video, such as journalists, law enforcement agents, and private businesses that are based on visual document processes. The research field of media forensics aims to develop algorithms to ensure authenticity and origin of images and videos. In this presentation, we show examples of our recent work on image and video manipulation detection.

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