Quantum Magnetism, Spin Waves and Light


Both magnetic materials and light have always played a predominant role in information technologies, and continue to do so as we move into the realm of quantum technologies. In this course we review the basics of magnetism before embarking in more advanced subjects, which will give us the basics to go over a selection of modern topics of current research. Magnetism is intrinsically quantum mechanical in nature, and magnetic ordering can only be explained by use of quantum theory. We will go over the interactions and the resulting Hamiltonian that governs magnetic phenomena, and discuss its elementary excitations, denominated magnons. After that we will study magneto-optical effects and derive the classical Faraday effect. This will allows us to understand a topic of current research denominated Cavity Optomagnonics. If the time allows, we will study another modern topic which deals with the design of photonic and magnonic crystals at the nanoscale. Basic knowledge of quantum mechanics, electromagnetism, and solid state at the bachelor level will be assumed.

Lecture Notes

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Recommended Literature

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