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The Chekhova Research Group was formed in 2015 as an independent unit within the Max-Planck Institute for the Science of Light. Our research field is experimental quantum optics. Our main direction is developing sources of nonclassical (quantum) light.

  • We generate nonclassical light from quantum dots, nonlinear crystals, photonic-crystal fibres.
  • We test this light for photon-number correlations, entanglement, and squeezing.
  • We use this light for quantum information and photonic technologies.


Contact: maria.chekhova(at)mpl(dot)mpg(dot)de

Top row: Andrea Cavanna (Ph.D. student),  Dr. habil. Maria Chekhova (Group Leader), Sascha Agne (Postdoctoral Fellow), Paula Cutipa (Ph.D. student), Santiago López (M.Sc. student). Bottom row: Gaetano Frascella (Ph.D. student), Cameron Okoth (Ph.D. student), Tomás Santiago (Ph.D. student).

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