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2017-03-28 09:00 - Generation of broadband mid-IR and UV light in gas-filled single-ring hollow-core PCF

Marco Cassataro, David Novoa, Mehmet C. Günendi, Nitin N. Edavalath, Michael H. Frosz, John C. Travers, and Philip St.J. Russell, Optics Express Vol. 25, Issue 7, pp. 7637-7644 (2017)

We report generation of an ultrafast supercontinuum extending into the mid- infrared in gas-filled single-ring hollow-core photonic crystal fiber (SR-PCF) pumped by 1.7 µm light from an optical parametric amplifier. The simple fiber structure offers shallow dispersion and flat transmission in the near and mid-infrared, enabling the generation of broadband spectra extending from 270 nm to 3.1 µm, with a total energy of a few µJ. In addition, we demonstrate the emission of ultraviolet dispersive waves whose frequency can be tuned simply by adjusting the pump wavelength. SR-PCF thus constitutes an effective means of compressing and delivering tunable ultrafast pulses in the near and mid-infrared spectral regions.