MPL & Family

Family friendliness at MPL

Since reconciling work and family life is assuming ever more and more importance, the Max-Planck-Institute for the Science of Light offers extensive support to help you strike a balance between the two.

We enable a flexible handling of your daily family responsibilities through innovative worktime stuctures.

We work with the family service company "pme", which provides childcare services, homecare options for family members and elderly care.

Your partner's career is important to us. The Dual Career Netzwerk Nordbayern offers a comprehensive service to support your partner continuing her or his career in the region.

The Max Planck Society is the only German scientific organisation that has been awarded a non-profit-making PLC "work and family" certificate, which acknowledges its family-oriented personnel policy. To meet these requirements we make every effort to put together individual packages of measures in accordance with the personal circumstances. Please feel free to contact us!

The Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light offers:


  • Childcare places in the AWO nursery Anny Frank

  • Flexible working hours and option for part-time working

  • Support during the parental leave and when returning to work

  • Individual care solutions from the pme family service

  • "workandfamily" certification

  • Equal opportunities representative in the institute

  • Member of the Dual Career Netzwerk Nordbayern

Parent-child office

We are proud to introduce our parent-child office, which offers our employees the possibility to compensate a short-term lack of other childcare facilities by making available a suitable space.

Moreover, it is to offer the possibility for scientists who are guests of our Institute to travel with children.

The parent-child office is divided into a work area and a children's area. The work area is equipped with a desk, common office materials and telephone, as well as an office chair. It is possible to connect to the Institute network with one's own laptop. The children's area is equipped with a folding beanbag bed, a playmat, a child's table and chairs as well as a bench and various playthings.

The use of the parent-child office is open to all employees and guests of the Max Planck Institute after prior registration with the front office (, Tel: +49 9131 7133 888).

Please reserve in advance.



Contact Welcome Center

Carolin Schieder

phone +49 9131 7133 812

Contact Equal Opportunities Representative

Bettina Schwender

phone +49 9131 7133 201