Technology Development and Service Units

The scientific infrastructure of MPL consists of 3 technology development & service units (TDSU). Their task is twofold: they operate key cutting-edge technologies and provide them to the divisions and research groups and they pursue own research projects. 

TDSU 1: Micro- & Nanostructuring

  • The TDSU 1 assists in the realization of micro- and nanostructures on planar samples. Therefore, the TDSU operates and maintains several tools for fabrication and inspection inside and outside the cleanroom. The following processing is possible: lithography (Electron beam and optical lithography),dry  etching (reactive ion etching, inductively coupled plasma etching, cryo etching), deposition (atomic layer deposition, plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition, thermal evaporator, electron beam evaporator, sputtering) and inspection (focused ion beam, scanning electron microscope among others). - Irina Harder

TDSU 2: Optical Technologies

  • Optical Measurement Techniques - Klaus Mantel
    This group develops different high precision measurement technologies based on interferometric testing and use them to determine the precision of different objects, e.g. aspheric lenses.

TDSU 3: Fibre Fabrication & Glass Studio

  • Fibre Fabrication - Michael Frosz
    Photonic crystal fibres, a special kind of optical fibres, are fabricated using several drawing towers situated in a dedicated clean room.

  • Glass Studio - Xin Jiang
    The glass studio melts speciality glasses with specific optical properties and draws tubes for further use.