Russell Division

The Division's research focuses on scientific applications of photonic crystal fibre (PCF), a type of microstructured fibre proposed by Philip Russell in 1991. His former group reported the first example of a working PCF in 1996, and since that time many groups all over the world have become active in developing PCF and exploring its applications. The Division carries out a wide range of different experiments that exploit PCF's remarkable properties. These include low threshold nonlinear gas-laser devices, optomechanical devices based on nanoscale glass structures, optoacoustic modelocking of fibre lasers at GHz frequencies, biomedical sensors, supercontinuum sources, laser manipulation of particles in hollow-core PCF, and the curious properties of helically twisted PCF. The Division works in close collaboration with the Fibre Fabrication & Glass TDSU (Technical Development & Service Unit) at MPL.

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