Upcoming lectures


Super- and sub-radiance of coupled quantum emitters in confined light fields

Prof. Helmut Ritsch, Institute for Theoretical Physics, Innsbruck, Austria Spontaneous emission of atoms is modified by the presence of other atoms in close vicinity inducing collective super- as well as sub-radiance. The most...[more]


Suspended membrane arrays for optomechanics and sensing

Prof. Aurelien Dantan, Aarhus University Due to the possibilities for their electric, magnetic or optical activation, suspended micromechanical resonators are ubiquitous in sensing, signal processing or metrology...[more]


Topology, Skyrmions and their dynamics - "Banana kicks in magnetism"

Dr. Karin Everschor-Sitte, Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz The Nobel Prize in Physics 2016 was awarded to David J. Thouless (1/2), F. Duncan M. Haldane (1/4) and J. Michael Kosterlitz (1/4) “for theoretical discoveries of...[more]


Enhancing Quantum Adiabaticity of Adiabatic Quantum Computing without Knowledge of Energy Spectrum

Speaker: Prof. Lin Tian, School of Natural Sciences, University of California, Merced, USA Adiabatic quantum computing brings powerful insights into realizing many-body ground states and finding solutions to optimization...[more]


Lightwave driven quantum dynamics: from molecular movies to Bloch waves

Prof. Dr. Jens Biegert, ICFO - The Institute of Photonics Sciences, Castelldefels (Barcelona), Spain[more]