Past lectures


Brillouin frequency comb generation in chalcogenide waveguides

Thomas Büttner, CUDOS, University of Sydney, Australia[more]


MPL Theory Seminars: Prof. Alexia Auffèves

Reversible work extraction in a hybrid opto-mechanical system With the progress of nano-technology, thermodynamics also has to be scaled down, calling for specific protocols to extract and measure work. Usually, such protocols...[more]


MPL Theory Seminars: Prof. Dr. Carsten Rockstuhl

Description of nanooptical systems at, well, the nanoscale The interaction of light with nanostructured materials gives rise to interesting optical effects. Exploration of these effects is fascinating both from an intellectual...[more]


MPL Theory Seminars: Prof. Dr. Jörg Evers

Titel: X-ray quantum optics: From Mössbauer to Fano Abstract: Quantum optical concepts based on coherence and interference have proven extremely successful for the study and manipulation of atoms and molecules. Recent...[more]


MPL Theory Seminars: Dr. Sergey Skipetrov

Abstract: Anderson localization is a halt of transport in quantum or wave systems due to strong disorder. It is associated with the localized character of eigenstates or eigenmodes. We have recently discovered that the simplest...[more]


Ultrafast All-Optical Switching and Computing with Organic Molecules and Silicon Microring Resonators

Prof Sukhdev Roy, Department of Physics and Computer Science, Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra, India[more]


Temporal cavity solitons: from optical buffers to microresonator frequency combs

Dr Miro Erkintalo, University of Auckland, New Zealand[more]