Past lectures


MPL Distinguished Lecturer Series: Prof. Holger Müller

Title: Atom interferometers measuring the fine structure constant and probing the dark sector Abstract: With new technologies, atom interferometers have become instruments for measurements accross physics at 10^-10 sensitivity...[more]


Dr. Claudiu Genes
University of Innsbruck

Organizer:Prof. Vahid Sandoghdar (MPL) Speaker:Dr. Claudiu Genes - University of Innsbruck Title:Exploiting collective dynamics for quantum optomechanics, metrology and transport applicationsAbstract:I will discuss...[more]


Prof. Tatiana Murzina
Moscow State University

Organizer:Gerd Leuchs (MPL) Speaker:Prof. Tatiana MurzinaPhysics Department, Moscow State University Title:Linear and nonlinear optical effects in plasmonic nanostructures and 1Dphotonic crystalsAbstract:Artificial...[more]


MPL Distinguished Lecturer Series: Prof. Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler

Title: Quantum optics and quantum information with trapped ions Abstract: The quantum states of ions are perfectly controlled, and may be used for fundamental research in quantum physics, as highlighted by the Nobel Prize given...[more]


Scientific Cinema:
That’s the story

with the Nobel laureate Prof. Roy J. Glauber

MPL is screening the documentary feature "That’s the story", which shows an interview with the Nobel laureate Prof. Roy J. Glauber about the ManhattanProject. Professor Glauber is the last living scientist from the...[more]


Talk: Dr. Andreas Dorsel
Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH

Optics for EUV Lithography - A technology a long time in the making Speaker: Dr. Andreas Dorsel, Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH, ZEISS Gruppe Large seminar room: 429/435Time: 12:30 pm [more]


MPL Distinguished Lecturer Series: Prof. Ignacio Cirac

Title: Quantum simulations with atoms in nano-structures Abstract: Many-body quantum systems are very hard to simulate with classical computers, as the running time increases exponentially with the size of the system. Quantum...[more]