Lecture: Superradiance, subradiance and cooperativity in atomic arrays

28.02.2017, 11:00

Dr. Robert Bettles, Durham University, UK

Time, place:
Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 11:00h
Seminar Room A1.500, MPL, Staudtstr. 2, 91058 Erlangen


In the standard mean-field theory of optics in a polarizable medium, the response of the medium is modified by first order light scattering within the medium itself. However, strong resonant dipole-dipole interactions in dense cold atomic ensembles can result in multiple scattering correlations that go far beyond mean-field behavior. Using classical electrodynamics simulations, we investigate this 'cooperative' behavior for atoms trapped in one- and two-dimensional lattices. By tailoring the lattice configuration, we can realize a range of diverse phenomena including modified decay rates (superradiance and subradiance), energy shifts, Fano resonances, near-perfect extinction, and enhanced atom-light coupling. This could open the door to a range of potential applications including quantum state storage, enhanced optomechanical coupling, and shift-free optical lattice clocks.

RJ Bettles, SA Gardiner, CS Adams, Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 103602 (2016)
RJ Bettles, SA Gardiner, CS Adams, Phys. Rev. A 94, 043844 (2016)