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Welcome to the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light

Erlangen as new temporary home - we help to set you up!

Settling down in a strange country, far away from habits and routines, faced with foreign culture and language, that bears a big challenge for many people.

The stay in Germany often involves lengthy preparation. To make everything running as smoothly and stressless as possible and your time in Germany becoming what it should be lately - an unforgettable, rewarding and educational experience - the Welcome Center has been established by the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light in 2014.

The Welcome Center provides support in following topics:


  • Assistance with your visa application

  • Guidance for living and working in Germany (registration at the town hall, opening a bank account, health insurance, ...)

  • Arrangements with the institute´s guest apartments (if available) help in finding accommodation by providing information e.g. estate agents, websites, general information about the housing situation in Erlangen and surroundings, ...)

  • Information on childcare facilities and school enrolment

  • Support with finding a nursery place in the Kita Anny Frank, which provides reserved spots for members of the institute

  • Make contact with the pme family service, if short-term care facility is needed

  • Establish contact to the Dual Career Netzwerk Nordbayern (DCNN). The network both provides advice and support in finding employment for the partners of new employees in leading positions.

This two downloads could also be useful for you:



Contact Welcome Center

Carolin Schieder

phone +49 (0) 9131 - 7133 - 812