A. M. Perez, T. Sh. Iskhakov, K. Yu. Spasibko, M. V. Chekhova, G. Leuchs. Statistics of single mode bright squeezed vacuum. DPG-2012, March 12-16, Stuttgart, Germany.

A. M. Perez, T. Sh. Iskhakov, M. V. Chekhova, G. Leuchs. Bright Squeezed Vacuum: Towards Lossless Mode Selection. Laser Science, October 14-18, Rochester NY, USA.
Abstract of PhD project

Macroscopic quantum states of light like bright squeezed vacuum (BSV) are promising sources in quantum metrology, quantum communications and quantum information. However the practical applicability of this radiation is limited by the high number of modes contained in it. In general, a single-mode state could be either generated or filtered from the intrinsically multimode high-gain parametric down conversion (PDC) radiation. We have chosen to filter it by making the detection volume much smaller than the coherence volume with the help of a pinhole and a monochromator. Furthermore, we implement a method which involves a single-mode fiber for the selection of the first angular Schmidt mode in order to perform lossless filtering of the PDC radiation. By performing second order correlation function measurements, narrowband filtering was sufficient for the observation of single-mode statistics of BSV from a type-I degenerate OPA: photon bunching in the nondegenerate regime and photon superbunching in the degenerate regime. Typical single-mode photon-number distributions were obtained for both cases where a very narrow part of the radiation was filtered. In contrast, Schmidt decomposition offered us a way to estimate the size and distribution of a single PDC angular Schmidt mode which can be nearly losslessly collected by a single mode fiber. The quality of the lossless selection is evaluated by considering second order correlation function measurements, sensitive to the number of modes but insensitive to losses, and noise reduction measurements, very sensitive to losses. Figure: Narrowband filtering. Top left: experimental setup. Top right: Gain (G), number of photons per mode before filtering (N) and after filtering (N measured). Bottom: second order correlation function vs. wavelength.
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