• "International Workshop on Optical Terahertz Science and Technologies", Santa Barbara (CA), March 2011
  • "SPIE, Defense, Security and Sensing", Orlando (FL), April 2010 (Invited)
  • "International Workshop on Terahertz and Mid Infrared Radiation", Turunc-Marmaris (Turkey), November 2009
  • "Nonlinear Photonics", Barcelona (Spain) 2014
  • "CLEO Europe", Munich 2015
  • AwardsOhm award of the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg for excellent diploma-thesis

    Best Poster Award at the 7th International Summer School "New Frontiers in Optical Technologies" in Tampere, Finland 2013
    FellowshipsDeutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft
    Current research / employment Surface Plasmon Polaritons (SPPs) are quantized electromagentic excitations that propagate at the interface between a dielectric and a conductor. These waves are highly localized at this boundary layer and are able to couple to electromagnetic radiation. They are considered as the future for on-chip micro-scale data links as they can be excited at much higher (i.e. optical) frequencies and offer higher data rates without suffering from the strong loss mechanism of regular waveguides at those frequencies. Photonic Crystal Fibers (PCFs) with embedded metal nano-wires offer a unique and versatile system to study the interaction of guided light and metal nano-structures.

    Bound to the curved surface of a metal nano-wire, SPPs can exist in a set of modes with different azimuthal mode orders. Each mode has its unique azimuthal mode pattern, modal dispersion and loss characteristic. The formation of the higher order modes (m > 0) can be explained in a classical picture by the interference of two counter-propagating plasmons on a helical trajectory around the wire. These modes can selectively be excited on metal nano-wires embeddet in the silica matrix of a PCF.

    In a pure silica enviroment (or high silica filling fraction PCF) the fundamental (m=0) plasmon mode cannot be excited resonantly on a metal nano-wire, as its modal refractive index is higher than nsilica for all wavelengths. A new fiber design with reduced silica content and three polarization maintaining (PM) dielectric cores overcomes this barrier.
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