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Distinguished Lecturer Series: Prof. Jack Harris

Prof. Jack HarrisYale UniversityQuantum effects in the motion of surprisingly large objects Abstract: The theory of quantum mechanics is believed to describe nearly all physical phenomena. It is embedded in our understanding of...[mehr]


Distinguished Lecturer Series: Prof. Gerhard Rempe

Prof. Gerhard RempeMax Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, GarchingQuantum Internet: Vision or Fiction? Abstract: Quantum physics allows for applications not possible within classical physics. A prominent example is the...[mehr]


Towards Optically Controlled Qubits in Rare Earth Doped Nanoparticles

Philippe Goldner (Institut de Recherche de Chimie Paris, Chimie ParisTech-CNRS, Paris, France)[mehr]


Giant vesicles as handy tools for assessing membrane mechanics, wetting and reshaping.

PD Dr Rumiana Dimova (Research Group Leader at Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam)[mehr]


Microfabrication technologies for biological and biophysical applications

Dr. Salvatore Girardo, TU Dresden, Microstructure Facility[mehr]


Talk: Amir Mohammadi

Speaker: Amir Mohammadi, Institut für Quantenmaterie, Universität UlmTitle: Controlled chemical reactions with cold ionsAbstract: Cold trapped ions are considered as quantum simulators that give a better understanding of the...[mehr]


Fernando Galve: Dissipation of multi-partite systems under structured environments

Fernando Galve, Institute for Interdisciplinary Physics and Complex Systems, IFISC (CSIC-UIB) "Dissipation of multi-partite systems under structured environments" Date & time: Friday, 23rd March 11:00Location:...[mehr]

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