Trapped-ion quantum information experiments at NIST*

18.09.2012, 17:00

Speaker: D. J. Wineland (NIST, Boulder, Colorado)

Date: Tuesday September 18th, 5:00 pm

Place: large seminar room / MPL

Title: Trapped-ion quantum information experiments at NIST*


With the use of Be+ ion qubits, sympathetically cooled with Mg+ ions, we demonstrate simple quantum algorithms in the context of a scalable system.  Recent work has focused on fabrication of multi-zone trap arrays, testing alternative methods for gates, taming the required UV coherent sources, and trying to find methods to reduce ion heating from ambient electric field noise.  Application of these techniques to metrology, e.g. spectroscopy, will also be briefly discussed.

*supported by IARPA, DARPA, NSA, ONR and the NIST Quantum Information Program