Optics at the Extreme: Liquid light, filament-driven few cycle pulses and relativistic scattering in highly-nonlinear optical media.

04.10.2012, 14:00

Dr. David Novoa Fernandez, Spanish Pulsed Lasers Center. Villamayor, Salamanca, Spain

Date: Thursday 4th, 3:00 pm
Place: large seminar room / MPL

In this talk, we will briefly review some recent advances in the field of extreme optics, i.e., study of light-matter interaction at the level of ultrashort pulses and intense beams.

Concretely, we will put forward some results on both the propagation of exotic light modes in optical media involving competing higher-order Kerr nonlinearities and the generation of tunable few-cycle near-infrared pulses via filamentation in a noble gas. In addition, we will also discuss the possibility of gauging extreme vacuum pressures by detecting the signal produced by relativistic electrons driven by ultraintense lasers.