Lecture: Cancer cell mechanotype: from screening to disease biophysics

13.07.2016, 17:15

Prof. Amy C. Rowat, PhD., Department of Integrative Biology & Physiology, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Place: Seminar Room (1st Floor), Institute of Microbiology - Clinical Microbiology, Immonulogy and Hygiene, Wasserturmstr. 3/5 Erlangen

Abstract: Cell mechanical phenotype, or ‘mechanotype’, determines how physical stresses are transduced into the cell, and can also signal a transformation in a cell’s physiological state, such as in malignant transformation. If we could obtain higher throughput measurements of cell mechanotype, this would enable a deeper understanding of the molecular origins of cell mechanotype, as well as screening based on mechanotype. To address these needs, Amy Rowat recently invented a mechanotyping platform that she called Parallel Microfiltration (PMF). Prof. Rowat will discuss how she is applying her PMF method to develop a deeper understanding of cell mechanotype in cancer progression by screening panels of ovarian, breast, and pancreatic cancer cells, including those treated with small molecules such as chemotherapy agents or microRNAs. Since Amy Rowat´s results show that cells can be detected based on their status in epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and chemoresistance, her lab is also applying PMF for screening small molecules to identify compounds that have anti-cancer effects.