Dr. Yuri Gorodetski - "Plasmonic grounds of light helicity"

11.07.2017, 10:30

Ariel University, Mechanical Engineering & Mechatronics Department and Electrical Engineering & Electronics Department, Ariel, 40700, Israel

Time, place:
Tuesday, July 11, 2017, 10:30 a.m.
Seminarroom, A.2.500, Staudtstr. 2

Structured light beams with phase or polarization singularities reveal unique optical properties with numerous applications [1]. Currently, chiral nanostructures draw promising routes for enhancing singular optical signatures with new functionalities in metamaterial science [2]. Recently, near field singular optical effects have been discussed in relation to surface plasmon (SP) vortices which have been shown to carry orbital angular momentum (OAM) [3]. As was shown elsewhere [4, 5], the OAM provides an additional channel for optical communication, therefore requiring an accurate ability to excite, transfer and modify the topology of the beam. In this context, plasmonic devices become potentially efficient in comparison with classical optics [4, 5] as for their high surface confinement and, polarization and dispersion properties. One of the key features, directly linked to those SP properties is the spin-orbit interaction arising in a light-SP coupling process [3]. Here we discuss two types of plasmonic spin-orbit coupling. First we demonstrate and analyse a giant symmetry breaking in the near-field distribution resulted from a weak incident polarization detuning [6]. Afterwards we demonstrate an effect of helicity locking due to the plasmonic transverse spin [7]. Finally we describe a way of temporal spin-orbit coupling visualization by use of time-resolved plasmonic leakage microscopy [8]. 

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