Equal Opportunities at MPL

Women working in science are no exceptions nowadays. But that was not always the case: while Max Planck still considered a penchant for science in women to be something unnatural, it is self-evident today that women are making important contributions to modern science in all fields. When it comes to the question whether women are at a disadvantage in their careers as scientists, there is still no consent. Many women, but few men think so. The views also differ on what or who it is that impedes women's careers.

That’s why Bettina Schwender volunteers as Gender Equality Officer at MPL since December of 2017 in addition to working as Personal Assistant of MPL Director Prof. Dr. Philip Russell. Mrs. Schwender was elected by all female employees and scholarship holders and will promote gender fairness, equality and awareness until August 2020.

Bettina Schwender
Tel.: +49 9131 7133 201
E-Mail: bettina.schwender@mpl.mpg.de

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