Yazgan Tuna M.Sc.

  • Doctoral Student
  • Room: A.3.216
  • Telephone: +49 9131 7133330
  • E-mail

Diffusion in confined geometries

Levitated Plasmonic Nanoantennas in an Aqueous Environment

Yazgan Tuna, Ji Tae Kim, Hsuan-Wei Liu, Vahid Sandoghdar

ACS NANO 11(8) 7674-7678 (2017) | Journal

Max-Planck-Institute for the Science of Light (MPI), Erlangen, DE

  • Ph.D. in Physics
  • Nano-Optics Division (Advisor: Vahid Sandoghdar)

Bilkent University, Ankara, TR

  • M.S. in Material Science and Nanotechnology
  • Soft-Matter Lab (Advisor: Giovanni Volpe)

Bilkent University, Ankara, TR

  • B.S. in Physic

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