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Whispering Gallery Mode Resonator (WhiGaMoR)

The acronym "WhiGaMoR" is our tool! 
Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators trap light in a "round" dielectric via Total Internal Reflection. Such optical resonators are know to possess ultra high quality factors, limited only by material absorption and surface roughness (and for very small resonators by radiative losses). We fabricate and study such Whispering Gallery Mode (WGM) Resonators made out of crystalline materials to either study extremely low loss cavities for frequency standards or highly non-linear χ2 crystals for extremely efficient non-linear optics.

Besides experimental studies we work on highly efficient numerical tools for coupled WGM resonators and more generally deformed resonators. Furthermore we study the general interaction of light at dielectric interfaces, for example the Goos Hänchen Shift.



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