Frank Vollmer

Research Group Leader Frank Vollmer
Laboratory of Nanophotonics and Biosensing
Max-Planck Institute


phone: +49(0)9131-6877-480



Max Planck Research Group Leader -
Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light

November 2010 — Heute (3 Monate)

The Group heads are chosen following an international call for applications and appointed by the President of the Max Planck Society. They are free to structure their scientific research for themselves and can pursue their work – embedded in the stimulating and inspiring research environment of an MPI - independently and with their own budget. These posts are highly sought-after, since they offer young researchers selected in rigorous competition the opportunity, supported by a secure budget, to lay the foundation for a successful scientific career.


Scholar-in-Residence (Wyss Institute) - Harvard University

Oktober 2009— Dezember 2010 (1 Jahr 3 Monate)

Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering The Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering uses Nature's design principles to develop bioinspired materials and devices that will transform medicine and create a more sustainable world.

Working as an alliance among Harvard's Schools of Medicine, Engineering, and Arts & Sciences and in partnership with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Children's Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital, the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and Boston University, the Institute crosses disciplinary and institutional barriers to engage in high-risk, fundamental research that leads to transformative technological breakthroughs.


Rowland Junior Fellow - Harvard University

Oktober 2004 — Oktober 2009 (5 Jahre 1 Monat)

Since the merger with Harvard in 2002, the Rowland Institute continues Dr. Edwin Land's vision of the ideal laboratory: a broad view of science and an appreciation for the rich potential for discovery in the contact between the traditional disciplines; a dedication to small-scale laboratory science; an emphasis on technical support of the highest level for experimentation; and a desire to let the best minds be creative without concern for the vagaries of the funding world.

Central to the Institute is the Junior Fellows program. Young scientists have the opportunity to perform independent experimental work for five years, with full institutional support and access to the Institute's outstanding technical and scientific resources. Every year, we look for candidates in all the natural sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, ...) as well as in engineering, with special attention to interdisciplinary opportunities and the development of new experimental methods. The disappearance of the great exploratory industrial research laboratories has been a major loss for the scientific world. Our Institute aims to be a place where some of that spirit is kept alive, and I am pleased to see that a number of initiatives worldwide have followed suit.


Graduate Fellow - Rockefeller University

September 1998 — Juli 2004 (5 Jahre 11 Monate)

The Rockefeller University is a world-renowned center for research and graduate education in the biomedical sciences, chemistry and biophysics. The university's Ph.D. program offers rigorous training in the biomedical and physical sciences and close mentoring by faculty. Rockefeller also offers one of the nation's top M.D./Ph.D. programs with neighboring Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Weill Medical College of Cornell University. The graduate program is flexible and individualized depending on a student's needs, and provides full financial support, housing on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and outstanding opportunities for intellectual growth. Frank Vollmer worked in the Center for Studies in Physics and Biology with the Group of Albert Libchaber.