Welcome to the Sandoghdar Division
at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light

    • Cryogenic localization microscopy
    • Two distant molecules communicate via single photons
    • iSCAT visualizes nanoconfinement in lipid bilayers
    • Nanopipette electrostatic trap
    • Label-free Single Protein Detection
    • Our move from Zurich
    • Single molecules in a dielectric nanoguide
  • The research of our group aims to advance experimental and theoretical mastery of light-matter interaction at the nanometer scale and to achieve the same degree of control and finesse that is known from the gas-phase quantum optics in the condensed phase. To do this, we combine concepts from quantum optics, laser spectroscopy, cryogenics, optical imaging, scanning probe technology and nanofluidics. In this endeavour, we have addressed a wide spectrum of scientific questions, ranging from quantum optics to biophysics. For more information, please consult our research website and our list of publications.

    Our biophotonics research is featured at Biophysical Society TV

    The review of the Symposium "Systems Neuroscience" is online



New book "Quantum Optics and Nanophotonics" now available

In 2013, a summer school on Quantum Optics and Nanophotonics was held at Les Houches, France. The book covering many of the lectures is now available! (Image copyright by Oxford University Press Scholarship Online 2017) Take a...[more]


Mahdi Mazaheri wins poster prize at DPG spring meeting 2018 in Berlin

Congratulations! During the 2018 DPG spring meeting in Berlin, Mahdi Mazaheri won the EPL poster award of the DPG biological physics division. The title of the poster is: "High-speed imaging of rotational diffusion of a gold...[more]


New publication in Nano Letters: Visualizing single-cell secretion dynamics with single protein sensitivity

Cellular secretion of proteins into the extracellular environment is an essential mediator of critical biological mechanisms, including cell-to-cell communication, immunological response, targeted delivery, and differentiation....[more]


New publication on ACSPhotonics: Manipulation of quenching in nanoantenna-emitter systems enabled by external detuned cavities: a path to enhance strong-coupling

Strong light-matter interactions at the single emitter-level have been so far achieved via narrowband cavities with very high quality factors (Q) or via plasmonic nanoantennas at the cost of significant radiation quenching in the...[more]