Nonlinear optics in waveguides

A long-standing theme in the Division is nonlinear optics in many different guises. In the PCF field generally, ultrafast dynamics and supercontinuum generation [Dudley (2006)] in dispersion-engineered small-solid-core PCF has been a constant topic of investigation world-wide since the late 1990s. We have been working intensively on nonlinear optical effects in gas-filled HC-PCF, producing a wide range of different results on soliton dynamics, Raman frequency conversion, supercontinuum generation, bright deep and vacuum ultraviolet light sources and ionization-driven effects, for example. Other areas include the development of "double nanospike" chalcogenide waveguides for efficient supercontinuum generation in the infrared, and electric field induced second harmonic generation in gas-filled HC-PCF.

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