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2015-10-09 10:44 - Wideband-tunable soliton fiber laser mode-locked at 1.88 GHz by optoacoustic interactions in solid-core PCF

W. He, M. Pang,P. St. J. Russell, Optics Express, 23(19), 24945-24954 (2015)

We report a wavelength-tunable soliton fiber laser stably mode-locked at 1.88 GHz (the 389th harmonic of the cavity round-trip frequency) by a light-driven acoustic resonance in the core of a photonic crystal fiber. Stable high-harmonic mode-locking could be maintained when the lasing wavelength was continuously tuned from 1532 to 1566 nm by means of an optical filter placed inside the laser cavity. We report on the experimental performance of the laser, including its power scalability, super-mode noise suppression ratio, long-term repetition rate stability, short-term pulse amplitude noise and timing jitter, optical comb structure and pulse-to-pulse phase fluctuations.