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2007-12-05 08:42 - Waveguiding and Plasmon Resonances in Two-Dimensional Photonic Lattices of Gold and Silver Nanowires

Markus A. Schmidt, Luis N. Prill Sempere, Hemant K. Tyagi, Chris G. Poulton, Philip St.J. Russell, Phys. Rev. B 77, 033417 (2008) ...highlighted in Science, Editor's Choice, vol. 319, p.1011


We report the fabrication of triangular lattices of parallel gold and silver nanowires of high optical quality, with diameters down to 500 nm and length-to-diameter ratios as high as 100,000. The nanowires are supported by a silica glass matrix and are disposed around a central solid glass core, i.e., a missing nanowire. These cm-long structures make it possible to trap light within an array of nanowires and characterize the plasmon resonances that form at specific optical frequencies. Such nanowire arrays have many potential applications, e.g., to imaging on the sub-wavelength scale.