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2011-11-18 13:14 - Ultrafast nonlinear optics in gas-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fibers [Invited]

J.C. Travers, W. Chang, J. Nold, N.Y. Joly, and P.St.J. Russell, Journal of the Optical Society of America B,28, A11-A26 (2011)

We review the use of hollow-core photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) in the field of ultrafast gas-based nonlinear optics, including recent experiments, numerical modeling, and a discussion of future prospects. Concentrating on broad- band guiding kagomé-style hollow-core PCF, we describe its potential for moving conventional nonlinear fiber optics both into extreme regimes—such as few-cycle pulse compression and efficient deep ultraviolet wavelength generation—and into regimes hitherto inaccessible, such as single-mode guidance in a photoionized plasma and high-harmonic generation in fiber.