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2011-11-22 14:20 - Ultra-low concentration monitoring of catalytic reactions in photonic crystal fiber

Ana M. Cubillas, Matthias Schmidt, Michael Scharrer, Tijmen G. Euser, Bastian J.M. Etzold, Nicola Taccardi, Peter Wasserscheid, and Philip St.J. Russell, Chem. Europ. J. 18, pp. 1586–1590 (2012)

We demonstrate a kagomé HC-PCF as a suitable system for in-situ sensing of catalytic reactions. The tiny amount of sample needed (4 nl/cm), high accuracy over a broad range of concentrations, even at very low concentrations, high intensity overlap with the sample in the core of the fiber are advantages not easily achievable with conventional photoreactor systems. Furthermore, the acceleration of photo-Fenton based oxidation at 600-750 nm by applying high power densities was demonstrated.