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2016-09-19 09:48 - Supercontinuum generation in ZBLAN glass photonic crystal fiber with six nanobore cores

Xin Jiang, Nicolas Y. Joly, Martin A. Finger, Fehim Babic, Meng Pang, Rafal Sopalla, Michael H. Frosz, Samuel Poulain, Marcel Poulain, Vincent Cardin, John C. Travers and Philip St.J. Russell, Optics Letters 41, 4245-4248 (2016)

Photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) made from ZBLAN glass are of great interest for generating broadband supercontinua extending into the ultraviolet and mid-infrared regions. Precise sub-micrometer structuring makes it possible to adjust the modal dispersion over a wide range, making the generation of new frequencies more efficient. Here we report a novel ZBLAN PCF with six cores, each containing a central nanobore of a diameter ∼330 nm. Each nanobore core supports several guided modes, and the presence of the nanobore significantly modifies the dispersion, strongly influencing the dynamics and the extent of supercontinuum generation. Spectral broadening is observed when a single core is pumped in the fundamental and first higher order core modes with 200 fs long pulses at a wavelength of 1042 nm. Frequency-resolved optical gating is used to characterize the output pulses when pumping in the lowest order mode. The results are verified by numerical simulations.