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2011-04-01 10:58 - Structural analysis of photonic crystal fibers by side-scattering of laser light

L. Y. Zang, T. G. Euser, M. S. Kang, M. Scharrer, and P. St. J. Russell, "Structural analysis of photonic crystal fibers by side scattering of laser light," Opt. Lett. 36, 1668-1670 (2011).

A side-scattering technique for investigating the inner microstructure of photonic crystal fiber (PCF) is reported. Multiple scattering is reduced by filling the hollow PCF channels with index matching fluid. The scattered signal is measured for fixed angles of incidence and detection while the fiber is rotated. A pattern of peaks, unique to each PCF whether solid or hollow core, correlates closely with the symmetry planes of the PCF structure. As an example of the technique, the twist profile of a structural rocking filter is directly measured.