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2007-11-20 20:17 - Raman-like light scattering from acoustic phonons in photonic crystal fiber

P. Dainese, P. St.J. Russell, G. S. Wiederhecker, N. Joly, H. L. Fragnito, V. Laude, and A. Khelif, Optics Express, vol. 14, pp. 4141-4150, May 2006.


Raman and Brillouin scattering are normally quite distinct processes that take place when light is resonantly scattered by, respectively, optical and acoustic phonons. We show how few-GHz acoustic phonons acquire many of the same characteristics as optical phonons when they are tightly trapped, transversely and close to modal cut-off, inside the wavelength-scale core of an air-glass photonic crystal fiber (PCF). The result is an optical scattering effect that closely resembles Raman scattering, though at much lower frequencies. We use photoacoustic techniques to probe the effect experimentally and finite element modelling to explain the results. We also show by numerical modelling that the cladding structure supports two phononic band gaps that contribute to the confinement of sound in the core.