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2009-12-02 08:11 - Precise balancing of viscous and radiation forces on a particle in liquid-filled photonic bandgap fiber

T. G. Euser, M. K. Garbos, J. S. Y. Chen, and P. St.J. Russell, Optics Letters, Vol. 34, No. 23 pp. 3674-3676 (2009).

A great challenge in microfluidics is the precise control of laser radiation forces acting on single particles or cells, while allowing monitoring of their optical and chemical properties. We show that, in the liquid-filled hollow core of a single-mode photonic crystal fiber, a micrometer-sized particle can be held stably against a fluidic counterflow using radiation pressure and can be moved to and fro (over tens of centimeters) by ramping the laser power up and down. Accurate studies of the microfluidic drag forces become possible, because the particle is trapped in the center of the single guided optical mode, resulting in highly reproducible radiation forces. The counterflowing liquid can be loaded with sequences of chemicals in precisely controlled concentrations and doses, making possible studies of single particles, vesicles, or cells.