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2011-09-23 10:38 - Optofluidic immobility of particles trapped in liquid-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fiber

M. K. Garbos, T. G. Euser, and P. St. J. Russell, Optics Express, Vol. 19, Issue 20, pp. 19643-19652 (2011)

We study the conditions under which a particle, laser-guided in a vertically-oriented hollow-core photonic crystal fiber filled with liquid, can be kept stationary against a microfluidic counter-flow. An immobility parameter—the fluid flow rate required to immobilize a particle against the radiation force produced by unit guided optical power—is introduced to quantify the conditions under which this occurs, including radiation, viscous and gravity forces. Measurements show that this parameter depends strongly on the ratio of particle radius a to core radius R, peaking at an intermediate value of a/R. The results follow fairly well the theoretical estimates of the optical (calculated approximately using a ray optics approach) and numerically simulated drag forces. We suggest that the system has potential applications in, e.g., measurement of the diameter, refractive index and density of particles, synthesis and biomedical research.