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2008-10-01 10:14 - Optical excitation and characterization of gigahertz acoustic resonances in optical fiber tapers

M. S. Kang, A. Brenn, G. S. Wiederhecker, and P. St.J. Russell, Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 93, 131110 (2008).

Transverse acoustic resonances at gigahertz frequencies are excited by electrostriction in the few-micrometer-thick waists of low-loss optical fiber tapers of up to 40 cm long. A pump-probe technique is used in which the resonances are excited by a train of optical pulses and probed in a Sagnac interferometer. Strong radially symmetric acoustic resonances are observed and the dependence of their frequencies on taper thickness is investigated. Such easily reconfigurable acousto-optic interactions may have applications in the high-frequency mode locking of fiber lasers.