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2010-07-29 00:00 - Multiple hydrodynamical shocks induced by the Raman effect in photonic crystal fibers

C. Conti, S. Stark, P. St. J. Russell, and F. Biancalana, Phys. Rev. A, Vol. 82, 013838 (2010).

We theoretically predict the occurrence of multiple hydrodynamical-like shock phenomena in the propagation of ultrashort intense pulses in a suitably engineered photonic crystal fiber. The shocks are due to the Raman effect, which acts as a nonlocal term favoring their generation in the focusing regime. It is shown that the problem is mapped to shock formation in the presence of a slope and a gravity-like potential. The signature of multiple shocks in cross-correlation frequency-resolved optical gating (XFROG) signals is unveiled.