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2014-01-23 11:40 - Multimode ultrafast nonlinear optics in optical waveguides: numerical modeling and experiments in kagomé photonic-crystal fiber

F. Tani, J.C. Travers, P.St.J. Russell, JOSA B, Vol. 31, Issue 2, pp. 311-320 (2014)

We introduce a general full-field propagation equation for optical waveguides, including both fundamental and higher order modes, and apply it to the investigation of spatial nonlinear effects of ultrafast and extremely broadband nonlinear processes in hollow-core optical fibers. The model is used to describe pulse propagation in gas-filled hollow-core waveguides including the full dispersion, Kerr, and ionization effects. We study third-harmonic generation into higher order modes, soliton emission of resonant dispersive waves into higher order modes, intermodal four-wave mixing, and Kerr-driven transverse self-focusing and plasma-defocusing, all in a gas-filled kagomé photonic crystal fiber system. In the latter case a form of waveguide-based filamentation is numerically predicted.