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2011-11-18 16:12 - Metrology of laser-guided particles in air-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fiber

O. A. Schmidt, M. K. Garbos, T. G. Euser, and P. St.J. Russell, Opt. Lett. 37, pp. 91-93 (2012).

Micron-sized particles are trapped in front of an air-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fiber using a novel dual-beam trap. A backward guided mode produces a divergent beam that diffracts out of the core, and simultaneously a focused laser beam launches a forward-propagating mode into the core. By changing the backward/forward power balance, a trapped particle can be selectively launched into the hollow core. Once inside, particles can be optically propelled along several meters of fiber with mobilities as high as 19 cm.s?1W?1 (precisely measured using in-fiber Doppler velocimetry). The results are in excellent agreement with theory. The system allows determination of fiber loss as well as the mass-density and refractive index of single particles.