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2008-08-25 15:51 - Long-range spiralling surface plasmon modes on metallic nanowires

Markus A. Schmidt and Philip St.J. Russell, Optics Express, Vol. 16 Issue 18, pp.13617-13623 (2008).


We discuss the characteristics of surface plasmon modes guided on metallic nanowires of circular cross-section embedded in silica glass. Under certain conditions such wires allow low-loss guided modes, full account being taken of ohmic losses in the metal. We find that these modes can be bound to the wire even when the real part of their axial refractive index is less than that of the surrounding dielectric. We assess in detail the accuracy of a simple model in which SPs are viewed as spiralling around the nanowire in a helical path, forming modes at certain angles of pitch. The results are relevant for understanding the behavior of light in two-dimensional arrays of metallic nanowires in fiber form.