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2012-10-17 14:31 - Influence of timing jitter on nonlinear dynamics of a photonic crystal fiber ring cavity

M. Schmidberger, W. Chang, P. St. J. Russell and N. Y. Joly, Optics Letters, Vol. 37, Issue 17, pp. 3576-3578 (2012)

We demonstrate that timing jitter has a strong influence on supercontinua generated in a photonic crystal fiber ring cavity synchronously pumped by 140 fs pulses. The global dynamics with respect to cavity detuning is analyzed both numerically and experimentally by tracking the cavity pulse energy. The results show that low-frequency timing jitter, induced by both the pump oscillator and the external cavity, masks the fine underlying bifurcation structure of the system. Numerical simulations in the absence of timing jitter reveal that the system dynamics fall into four qualitatively different regimes. The existence of these regimes is experimentally observed in first-return diagrams.