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2015-03-19 14:33 - Generation of three-octave-spanning transient Raman comb in hydrogen-filled hollow-core PCF

F. Tani, F. Belli, A. Abdolvand, J. C. Travers, and P. St.J. Russell, Optics Letters, Vol. 40, Issue 6, pp. 1026-1029 (2015)

A noise-seeded transient comb of Raman sidebands spanning three octaves from 180 to 2400 nm, is generated by pumping a hydrogen-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fiber with 26-μJ, 300-fs pulses at 800 nm. The pump pulses are spectrally broadened by both Kerr and Raman-related self-phase modulation (SPM), and the broadening is then transferred to the Raman lines. In spite of the high intensity, and in contrast to bulk gas-cell based experiments, neither SPM broadening nor ionization are detrimental to comb formation.