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2011-09-28 13:35 - Femtosecond nonlinear fiber optics in the ionization regime

P. Hoelzer, W. Chang, J. C. Travers, A. Nazarkin, J. Nold, N. Y. Joly, M. F. Saleh, F. Biancalana, and P. St.J. Russell, Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 203901 (2011)

Using a gas-filled kagomé-style photonic crystal fiber, nonlinear fiber optics is studied in the regime of optically induced ionization. The fiber offers low anomalous dispersion over a broad bandwidth and low loss. Sequences of blueshifted pulses are emitted when 65 fs, few ?J pulses, corresponding to high order solitons, are launched into the fiber and undergo self-compression. The experimental results are confirmed by numerical simulations which suggest free electron densities of ~1017 cm-3 are achieved at peak intensities of 1014 W/cm2 over length-scales of several cm.