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2012-07-16 09:33 - Excitation of a nanowire “molecule” in gold-filled photonic crystal fiber

H. W. Lee, M. A. Schmidt, and P. St. J. Russell, Opt. Lett. 37, 2946-2948 (2012)

A pair of gold nanowires, incorporated into a photonic crystal fiber, acts as a plasmonic “molecule.” Hybridized modes are excited at specific wavelengths by launching light into the glass core. The formation of bonding and antibonding solutions results in a modal splitting of more than 100 nm, even though the spatial separation between the wires is larger than 3 ?m. The study provides insight into multiwire plasmonic devices with applications as polarizers or filters in near-field optics, nonlinear plasmonics, optical sensing, and telecommunications.