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2014-07-29 11:26 - Efficient anti-Stokes generation via intermodal stimulated Raman scattering in gas-filled hollow-core PCF

B. M. Trabold, A. Abdolvand, T. G. Euser, and P. St.J. Russell, Optics Express, Vol. 21, Issue 24, pp. 29711-29718 (2013)

A strong anti-Stokes Raman signal, from the vibrational Q(1) transition of hydrogen, is generated in gas-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fiber. To be efficient, this process requires phase-matching, which is not automatically provided since the group velocity dispersion is typically non-zero and-inside a fiber-cannot be compensated for using a crossed-beam geometry. Phase-matching can however be arranged by exploiting the different dispersion profiles of higher-order modes. We demonstrate the generation of first and second anti-Stokes signals in higher-order modes by pumping with an appropriate mixture of fundamental and a higher-order modes, synthesized using a spatial light modulator. Conversion efficiencies as high as 5.3% are achieved from the pump to the first anti-Stokes band.