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2013-12-02 09:05 - Effects of squeezed-film damping on the optomechanical nonlinearity in dual-nanoweb fiber

J. R. Koehler, A. Butsch, T. G. Euser, R. E. Noskov, and P. St.J. Russell, Appl. Phys. Lett. 103 (22), 221107 (2013)

The freely-suspended glass membranes in a dual-nanoweb fiber, driven at resonance by intensity-modulated light, exhibit a giant optomechanical nonlinearity. We experimentally investigate the effect of squeezed-film damping by exploring the pressure dependence of resonant frequency and mechanical quality factor. As a consequence of the unusually narrow slot between the nanowebs (22 µm by 550nm), the gas-spring effect causes a pressure-dependent frequency shift that is ~15 times greater than typically measured in micro-electro-mechanical devices. When evacuated, the dual-nanoweb fiber yields a quality factor of ~3600 and a resonant optomechanical nonlinear coefficient that is ~60000 times larger than the Kerr effect.