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2016-04-25 09:44 - Broadband robustly single-mode hollow-core PCF by resonant filtering of higher-order modes

P. Uebel, M. C. Günendi, M. H. Frosz, G. Ahmed, N. N. Edavalath, J.-M. Ménard, P. St.J. Russell, Opt. Lett. 41 (9), p. 1961-1964 (2016)

We report a hollow-core photonic crystal fiber that is engineered so as to strongly suppress higher-order modes, i.e., to provide robust LP01 single-mode guidance in all the wavelength ranges where the fiber guides with low loss. Encircling the core is a single ring of nontouching glass elements whose modes are tailored to ensure resonant phase-matched coupling to higher-order core modes. We show that the resulting modal filtering effect depends on only one dimensionless shape parameter, akin to the well-known d/Λ parameter for endlessly single-mode solid-core PCF. Fabricated fibers show higher-order mode losses some ∼100 higher than for the LP01 mode, with LP01 losses <0.2  dB/m in the near-infrared and a spectral flatness ∼1  dB over a >110  THz bandwidth.