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2011-08-15 11:08 - Bandgap guidance in hybrid chalcogenide–silica photonic crystal fibers

N. Granzow, P. Uebel, M. A. Schmidt, A. S. Tverjanovich, L. Wondraczek, and P. St. J. Russell, Optics Letters, Vol. 36, Issue 13, pp. 2432-2434 (2011)

We report a hybrid chalcogenide–silica photonic crystal fiber made by pressure-assisted melt-filling of molten glass. Photonic bandgap guidance is obtained at a silica core placed centrally in a hexagonal array of continuous centimeters-long chalcogenide strands with diameters of 1.45??m. In the passbands of the cladding, when the transmission through the silica core is very weak, the chalcogenide strands light up with distinct modal patterns corresponding to Mie resonances. In the spectral regions between these passbands, strong bandgap guidance is observed, where the silica core transmission loss is 60?dB/cm lower. The pressure-assisted fabrication approach opens up new ways of integrating sophisticated glass-based devices into optical fiber circuitry with potential applications in supercontinuum generation, magneto-optics, wavelength selective devices, and rare-earth-doped amplifiers with high gain per unit length.