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2009-01-14 10:11 - Anomalous pulse breakup in small-core photonic crystal fibers

A. Podlipensky, P. Szarniak, N. Y. Joly, and P. St. J. Russell, J. Opt. Soc. Am. B *25*, 2049-2056 (2008)

Detailed numerical and experimental studies of propagation of 110 fs laser pulses at 800 nm in small-core photonic crystal fibers (??100 W-1 km-1) reveal that pulse breakup occurs in two distinct regimes defined by the input power. At low peak power (soliton order N?7) higher-order soliton fission occurs: individual solitons being ejected from the input pulse one after the other and are arranged in wavelength and in time by peak power. At higher levels of peak power (N>8), pulse breakup results in ejection of bound soliton pairs and the formation of single solitons that collide during propagation.